Lactation Consultant for Breastfeeding Support.


Breastfeeding support is imperative as a new parent. Laura started her Lactation career over 19 years ago at the WIC program. In addition to WIC, she has been working as a hospital lactation consultant for over 15 years as an IBCLC.  She also has a minor in Women’s Studies, concentrations in Psychology, Education Psychology and Sociology.

Currently, she works full-time at St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas. In addition to her experience in the hospital, Laura has taught regular breastfeeding classes throughout her career. Her support has helped over 10,000 women become nursing moms through her classes.

Due to her experience in the hospital, Laura has fine tuned her ability to quickly ascertain a family’s needs. Her goal is to find solutions for a family in whatever they choose is right for their journey. Similarly, she holds a level of professionalism that lends solutions for everyone to feed their baby with ease and confidence.  For example, a family needing support with low supply, might have a very different journey than a family with oversupply. Likewise, a family adopting needs different support than a family having their fourth baby. Regardless of in hospital or at home, Laura’s support makes nursing practical and enjoyable.

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