Birth is very unknown, but not alone.

For in-hospital and out-of-hospital birthing families.


Research has shown that having Birth Doula support can:

Shorten LaborAvoid Interventions

Reduce the Risk of Cesarean

Reduce Risk of Postpartum Mood Disorders

Help Achieve Better Breastfeeding Success

Birth Doula: $800-1900

Tenured Doula (>70 births): $1500-1900
Graduate Doula (30-70 births): $1200-1500
Apprentice Doula (3-30 births): $800-1200

Birth Support is based on a sliding scale for every family. Contact us if funds are an issue.
We accept payment plans, HSA/FSA, and support filing with insurance.

  • Virtual Baby Shower Link for family and friends to easily share support
  • 1st Consultations prenatally Focus: Birth Preparation and Planning
  • 2nd Consultations prenatally Focus: Postpartum Preparation and Planning
  • 24/7 text, phone, email support with your individual doula
  • Labor at home before heading to hospital/birth center or call the midwife
  • Consistent support in labor and 2 hours afterwards (NO MAX ON HOURS)
  • 1st Consultation postpartum Focus: nursing, recovery, birth processing, etc.
  • 2nd Consultation postpartum Focus: sleep success, soothing, nursing, etc.
  • Text/email support through the first year.

10% of each birth payment is used to cover the cost for families who otherwise would not be able to afford support.


What is the difference between Apprentice, Graduate and Tenure Doula?

For doulas to move through Apprentice > Graduate > Tenure standings, number of births and years of practice are tracked and each doula complete continuing education and routinely be evaluated to show competency in a variety of a list of skills and birthing experiences. Doulas are mentored and evaluated by our most Tenured Doula of 10+ years with over 250 birth experiences.


Tenured Co-Doula Add-On: $500

To be utilized in combination with a Graduate or Apprentice Doula. You will receive access to 4 Group Prenatal Classes taught by the Tenured Doula plus one Consultation in labor from a Tenured Doula.

Get a free consultation when you book
Birth + Postpartum Doula Care

Austin birth doula support

Consultative Birth Support: $900-1500*

In Person or Virtual.

  • 2 Prenatal Consultations (1.5hrs per)
      • 24/7 Phone/Text Support throughout Pregnancy
      • Birth Planning
      • Postpartum Planning
  • On Call for Labor
      • 24/7 Phone/Text Support*
      • When to go to the Hospital Support
      • 1 In Person Consult
      • Guidance for Interventions and Exploring Options
  • 2 Postpartum Consultations (1.5hr per)
      • Recovery Focus and Birth Processing
      • Baby Soothing and Sleep Success
      • Breastfeeding and Pumping Guidance

*Calls in labor are usually 30 minutes and taken 24/7.


  • COVID-19 restrictions or concerns
  • Families wanting to keep the birthing room as private as possible
  • Parents choosing to work with family member support vs a doula
  • Geographic restrictions
Ausitn birth doula support


What does a doula DO during a home or birth center birth, aren't the midwives enough?

  • Since your doula, is your sole support person for your well being emotionally, physically, and mentally, this allows focus from the midwife to be on your medical needs when needed and also emotionally, if able.
  • Meets you at home to determine when to go or call the midwife to come (very helpful for first time and prodromal labors)
  • Helps you make involved and informed decision making with any interventions you may have.
  • Suggests position changes and a plethora of techniques for speeding/slowing labor, comfort, helping baby rotate or descend, etc.
  • Includes your partner in any involvement they would like to have to make this experience about the two of you!
  • Gives partner a break to get food/rest

I know I'm getting an epidural, how will a doula still help me?

Especially with an epidural, a doula is still vital for a positive birth during medication.

  • Not only avoids stalls, but aids rotation for baby for more ease.
  • A doula limits interventions being needed. Still VERY hands on at times, physically!
  • Emotionally and mentally helps the family through the upcoming stages and answering questions.
  • Helps avoid the epidural being a negative experience while being a great tool at the same time.
  • Also, helps the epidural work better with techniques and suggestions.
  • During pushing, birth is still very ACTIVE. from changing positions to pushing itself!

What if I have a VERY involved partner or mother or mother in law, or sister.....?

  • A doula is part of the staff. Consider a doula as a personal birth concierge and hospital/labor guru! This takes A LOT of weight off of your partner.
  • A doula takes the pressure off of the partner to be the childbirth-know-it-all. Then, partners can then sink into their role as husband, support person, mother, sister, friend, etc.
  • Helps you both make involved and informed decision making with any interventions you may have.
  • Suggests position changes and a plethora of techniques for speeding/slowing labor, comfort, helping baby rotate or descend, etc.
  • Gives partner a break for both food and rest and to update awaiting family and friends.

Why have doula?

  • Reduces the need for labor stimulating drugs
  • Reduces the request for pain medication and epidurals
  • Shortens labor with fewer complications
  • Reduces the need for cesarean births
  • Increases the occurrence of a satisfying birth experience
  • Reduces risk of postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Increases odds of more successful breastfeeding and milk

Does a doula get a long with and OB and nurses?

  • YES! Our doulas take the mindset of supporting your relationship with your care provider. However, this does not include getting in between you and your care providers, making decisions for you, giving medical advice, advocating for you, etc.
  • Nurses commonly are very grateful for the support the mom was able to have that they sometimes wish they were able to give themselves.
  • OBs and Midwives appreciate the ‘team’ element of support of everyone in the room working towards the same goal “happy mom and happy baby!”
  • Due to limits in training for staff, most nurses and OBs are not trained as extensively in labor progress tool other than medication. Since your doula’s focus is also labor progress, during your birth, nurses and OBs welcome our knowledge.

What's the difference between a midwife and a doula?

  • During birth, your midwife is your main medical provider, much like your OB. Your doula is your sole support person for your well being emotionally, physically, and mentally during labor. In addition to support, our doulas are trained in physiology for early labor support hands on in comparison to a midwife who usually comes later in labor.

Birth Doulas


Ruth Bailey

Doula ( Birth / Day / Overnight)

Since 2008, Ruth has been supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula in central Texas. She hopes that all mothers and fathers have resourceful and understanding support systems. As a mother of two,


“If you’re looking for the BEST DOULA IN ALL POSSIBLE UNIVERSES, you need to hire Ruth Bailey immediately. By immediately, I mean call her right now, and book her. She is, by far, the best doula I’ve ever interacted with and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already booked up by the time you see this.

Not only she is an expert, she makes you feel at total ease about your pregnancy and birth. She also might as well be a marriage counselor, too, because she held so much space for me and my husband as we navigated our postpartum plan.

I could literally write a whole book about how amazing she is because I couldn’t have had the birth I wanted to without her. Ruth operates on a sliding scale fee …., but, you will feel as though you received around $5500-14000 worth of services when she is your doula.  Because of this, the next time I’m pregnant, I’m booking her again the day I get a positive pregnancy test. She is seriously like some sort of angel sent from heaven to do what she does. Her aura, or whatever you call it, is magical.

You will feel like the luckiest person on earth if she is available to be your doula.”

“We knew we needed the extra support and encouragement a doula provides for labor and delivery and when we found Ruth, we were so relieved. She met with us and was so responsive to all of our questions and spent a lot of time allaying any concerns. We were so focused on bringing our daughter into the world, we didn’t even realize how much we would appreciate Ruth’s support and wisdom in the days before and after the birth. When I went into prodromic labor a week before my due date, Ruth checked in with us twice a day to see how we were doing and came out to the house to help with comfort measures.

We honestly don’t know how we would have made it through those 4 days of prodromic labor before I went into actual labor without Ruth’s support and guidance. Right after our daughter was born, she helped instruct me on proper latching on so that Ruby got a good start on breastfeeding. I believe her early instructions and support has been key to having a positive and relatively problem free experience with breast feeding. When I later had questions about my milk coming in and adequate supply, Ruth came out to our house to answer my questions and work with me on breastfeeding techniques.

In all, I’d like to impart that a doula offers so much more that just support at birth. Ruth was invaluable part of our journey into parenthood and we’re so appreciative to have her as a resource!”

“Ruth is an absolutely amazing friend and doula. She is very well educated in what she does and is always there to answer all your questions and help you in any way she can. When I arrived at the birth center in labor, she was the first person I saw. She was radiating positive energy, and had a calm welcoming demeanor that quickly took away all my anxiety and fear.

While in labor, her words of encouragement and wonderful back rubs were just what I needed. In the days following the birth of my daughter, I was having some trouble with breastfeeding and I began to feel discouraged. Ruth was kind enough to come out to my home and show me how to fix the latching problems I was having. She also gave me great information and resources on breastfeeding for any other questions I may have had. After she helped me, my breastfeeding experience improved 100% and I am still exclusively breastfeeding today, nearly 4 months later with no signs of weening anytime soon! I would not be where I am today without Ruth’s help.

She has given me confidence in myself and I have been able to pass that on to other mothers. Ruth has given me the gift that keeps on giving!”

“Doula Ruth is my child birthing secret. I had a 100% natural birthing experience. When I am asked how I accomplished staying clear of the epidural, my answer is I had the most comforting doula named Ruth.

She met with me, my husband, and mother a few times during my pregnancy to talk about my child birthing goals, address any fears I may have, and big plus: show my husband effective counter pressure techniques.

When time came to labor in the middle of the night, she was at my house right away. She coached me through early labor and she helped ease any emotional or physical tension I had during active labor. When my contractions started becoming more intense my first inclination was to panic, but Ruth was very attentive to my feelings and helped me relax by being my biggest cheerleader.

She used counter pressure techniques to massage away my pain and at the same time she dissolved my worries by reassuring me of how in tune I was with my baby. Wow! I just can’t believe the power of doula Ruth’s support and encouragement.

My husband has said Ruth is better than any baby book out there and helped him feel confident throughout the birthing process. When I think back about my labor and delivery…I am reminded about how it was the most pleasantly euphoric experience I have ever had. I have Ruth to thank for guiding me to believe in myself and contributing to my wonderful birthing memory.”

“When I look back at the birth of my son, Ethan, I think even with all the support of my family and friends I could NOT have done it as well if it wasn’t for my Doula, Ruth. As a single mom, pregnant with my first child, I have to admit I was scared and nervous about what the childbirth experience would be like.

Ruth was so comforting and helped me work out an amazing birth plan that gave me a lot of peace when I was being bombarded with family and doctors trying to dictate how I should deliver my son. Ruth was also an amazing friend and confidante that helped me work through the emotional issues I have had over being a single mom prior to me having my son. Her insights and wisdom paired with her sweet and calm disposition made the birth of my son a beautiful experience.

Ruth also did an amazing job when it came to my family during my delivery. She answered all their questions and calmed them over the two days that it took to deliver my son. My family even joked that that only Ruth could adjust my pillows and comfort me the right way during a contraction.

The postpartum and breastfeeding support that Ruth offers has also been amazing. When I was exhausted and didn’t know how I was going to be able to breastfeed, she was there to encourage and offer me helpful techniques. Now I love breastfeeding and will be sad when its time to wean my little one. I feel extremely grateful and blessed that Ruth came into my life when she did! Thank you Ruth for all that you do!”

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