More than Just a Night of Sleep

The Need for Sleep and Recovery
Newborn to 5 months

Sleep is the number one thing you need to recover after birth and to maintain and increase milk supply when breastfeeding.  Sleep affects our mental, emotional and physical transition after birth.

Our Overnight Care is provided to you by our most tenure postpartum doulas here in Austin.  Each having over a decade of experience in maternal and family health postpartum, you get much more than just a night nanny and respite sleep. 

Night Nanny Vs Postpartum Doula?

What’s the difference?


A night nanny will do an amazing job getting you respite sleep care and feeding a baby at night while you sleep. Very few times does a night nanny have extensive experience with breastfeeding, recovery (mental and physical), breast milk, and setting up good sleep habits.

A postpartum doula will certainly provide all of the care of a night nanny. Oftentimes, what’s more valuable that an night of respite sleep is direction for sustainable sleep when you don’t have overnight care.

Our focus as traditional postpartum night doulas is to consult with the family on their needs for sustainable sleep and give direction to the family or night support on guidance for longer stretches of sleep for the whole family. 

A postpartum doula will also be experienced with:

  • Nursing, Latching, pumping, milk supply and general lactation support
  • Good sleep habits early on (often 4-6 hour stretches of sleep as early as 2 or 3 weeks)
  • Safe recovery after birth with pain and bleeding
  • Normal newborn behavior and nighttime parenting, 
  • Transitions into parenthood of emotional family support, decision making and finding your way as a Mom and Dad.


Overnight Sleep Support (newborn-5mo)
  • Complimentary phone/video consult prenatally for setting up for success postpartum
  • On-call for your very first night home from NICU or hospital
  • Establish healthy sleep routines and habits from day one & help 
  • Help your baby sleep longer stretches well before 6 months. 
  • Extensive night notes in collaborative calendar for parents to implement customized plans for sleep health


$45/hr Overnight Support

*Ask about discounts on postpartum care in conjunction with Birth Doula Support

$75 Initial First Night (one time)

*other rates for multiples and families outside of Austin may apply


Hours are flexible from start time of 9pm-11pm and end times of 5am-7am and are typically 8 hour shifts depending on the doula.



In Home Newborn Sleep Consultations

  • Education on safe sleep for baby (and parents!)
  • Evaluate your baby’s sleep environment and make recommendations
  • Suggestions for colic, reflux, gas, indigestion, fussy babies, frequent waking
  • Swaddling and baby wearing techniques
  • Troubleshoot breastfeeding, latching, milk supply, bottle feeding, etc
  • Come up with a sleep plan!

$175/1.5 hr consultation (-$25 for virtual consult)

($25 commute cost added per 30 minute trip)
($25 comprehensive email recap post-visit)



Phone consultations available for $55/30+min (2 weeks of text/phone support after)

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Postpartum Doulas


Ruth Bailey

Doula ( Birth / Day / Night Support / Homemade Formula)

Since 2008, Ruth has been supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula in central Texas. She hopes that all mothers and fathers have resourceful and understanding support systems. As a mother of two


Janixa Ramos

Postpartum Doula (Night Support)

Janixa is from Puerto Rico, and with all her family & friends being far away, she completely understands the struggle of raising a baby without any supporting relatives.

Majbritt Rayes

Majbritt Rayas

Postpartum Doula (Night Support)

Majbritt Rayas has been a birth and postpartum doula for 15 years. She loves working with pregnant and postpartum…..


“I spoke to you [Ruth] Thursday night about my son Riv. Thank you SO SO much for the videos and information! Thursday night I did the swaddle from the video and used the wrap and the hospital hat trick and he slept from 12-3 then nursed and went straight back to sleep until 6. This was magic bc he has been waking up for the day at 3am!! Friday was even better and he slept in the swaddle/wrap/hat combo from 12-6:20am!!!! I was shocked!! Last night he got woke up from his siblings late so it took me a while to get him settled back down. He slept in the swaddle/wrap/hat combo from 1:30-7am! I didn’t even think he could do it! WOW! You are a life saver!! Again thank you SO SO much!!!”

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