Real Deal Childbirth Education

Let’s get real about childbirth education. Amanda and Shelley are two of Austin’s most experienced childbirth educators have collaborated to create THE REAL DEAL… Preparation for Birth and Parenting. 

Amanda Wyszkowski and Shelley Scotka have nearly 40 years of combined experience in the birth field and are excited to offer these classes to help you be ready for the birth of your baby! Both believe parents deserve to have accurate information regarding pregnancy and childbirth to make confident decisions. 

Both are doulas for birth and postpartum and offer a cut to the chase approach to classes. Classes will cover end of pregnancy as well as getting ready for labor. Also, classes cover stages of labor, comfort techniques, interventions, and birth. In addition to childbirth classes, Shelley and Amanda offer breastfeeding and newborn care.

Their philosophy is to educated parents who know their options are more likely to make conscious choices for themselves and their babies. Parents and babies are individuals. There is no “one size fits all” approach. They share the goal of create a positive birth and/or postpartum experience for you and your family, that is joyful, gentle, and empowering.


Real Deal Childbirth Classes

We like to call this class – The Real Deal inside Scoop! Here, you’ll get an unbiased inside look at childbirth. This class is not how to be a good patient in the hospital, nor the terror of natural birth or fear of interventions. It covers a variety of tools for a positive birth including medical options for induction and pain medications and cesarean birth. Regardless of choice in labor tools, parents will learn how to ask questions to know what is right for them prior to and during birth.

Want to know what is actually happening to my body during birth? Yay!

Does your partner want to be involved? Great! They cover that.

Do you want to labor at home and use movement and positioning? Perfect! You’ll learn about those, too!

Do you want and epidural and/or need to be induced? They have you covered with all the details!

What about postpartum and recovery? What is all that like? Glad you asked! You’ll get details on navigating healing. Be sure to also check out the Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Combo class located below!

Classes meet on either Monday or Tuesday evening at 6:30-8:30pm every week.

Each class comes with handouts and local resources. Plus, you get the awesome humor and practical tips from this dynamic duo!

4 Week Group Classes – $300


Real Deal childbirth education classes are offered in virtual group or private classes.  Shelley and Amanda also offer private  labor skills, VBAC and breastfeeding/newborn care classes. Custom class a la carte are an option as well. Contact us for details on what your needs are.

VBAC Classes – $150

Labor Skills Refresher Classes – $150


Breastfeeding and Newborn Basics Combo Class

Let’s talk nursing! From getting off to a great start prior to baby being born, to all the other real details, you’ll be prepared. Real Deal is focused on feeding your baby – how YOU see fit and sustainable.

How you feed your baby goes hand in hand with how you care for your baby. Learn both in one sitting! Each class also has a complimentary ‘Speak to the Instructor’ call included in purchase!

Here’s what the class covers:

  • Getting Prepared for Nursing
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough

  • Breastfeeding positions

  • Introducing bottles, pumping and storage guidelines

  • Newborn characteristics

  • Diapers, cord care, genital care

  • Baths

  • When to call the pediatrician

  • Safe Sleep

  • Infant Soothing Techniques

Breastfeeding and Newborn Basics Combo – $150


Need a more personal experience or custom class? Real Deal has you covered!

Private Classes – $250 (Add-On)

Custom Classes – $100 (Deposit)

One-On-One Consult – $95

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