Birth is better when you know what to expect.

Our childbirth education is brought to you by the most experienced educators in Austin. Including the most thorough approaches, you are served with tried and true method from over the years. If you need help deciding on a class, you are welcome to email us at and we will get you set!

Since deciding on childbirth education can be a tremendous task, we make it easy! Similarly, every family is different in their needs, we offer a variety of classes for everyone. From hypnosis to husband coached, first-time parents or just a quick refresher, there’s a class waiting for you!

Childbirth Education Austin

Amanda and Shelley have been doulas and educators for over 40 years combined.

Two of Austin’s most experienced childbirth educators have collaborated to create THE REAL DEAL! OBs and doulas all refer to them throughout Austin due to their reputation. Real Deal work for hospital and birth center birthing alike. TO CONTINUE READING REAL DEAL…..

  • 4 week series
  • Basics of labor and birth
  • VBAC class options
  • Private, Custom and Refresher Classes
bradley childbirth, hannah neas

Our Bradley Instructor teaches a series of the 12 week Bradley course every quarter.  Because The Bradley Method is a 12 week series, this course if perfect for families who want to have as much education as possible before the birth. Particularly for partners/dads who want to be more hands on, Bradley is the way to go! Stay tuned for upcoming dates and classes! TO CONTINUE READING…

  • 12 week series
  • Comprehensive
  • Great for dad/partner’s looking gain tools for support
  • Private, Custom and Refresher Classes
Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education Austin

Ciarra is Austin’s best HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education instructor. This program includes breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualization and more. Equally important is trust. A mother’s trust is built in herself through scripts and teachings. Apart from fear, she will view birth as a joyous event. Likewise, fear is released, and furthermore, pain and tension dissipate. TO CONTINUE READING HYPNOBIRTHING…..

  • 5 week series
  • Marie Mongan Method
  • Detailed practice of self hypnosis
  • Private, Custom and Refresher Classes

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is a supplement to all childbirth classes. The Spinning Babies® approach has served families all over the world since 2002 in easing birth and reducing needs for interventions such as cesareans and more. Come learn your baby positioning and labor positions that help birth be less painful and more empowering. Learn hands-on techniques to make room for baby. These techniques are ideal to start during pregnancy and in labor as well. TO CONTINUE READING….

  • 3 Hour Class
  • Online, Group or Private
  • Birth Anatomy Making Room for Baby
  • Alleviate Discomfort and stalls in pregnancy and birth

Saturday 4 hr group class taught at Central Texas Birth Center. This class is perfect for any parents wants a refresher class, or to supplement their hospital based childbirth ed. Katherine has a way of teaching that empowers families to find their own course. Because she also is a doula, she facilitates a non-bias class that caters to each family participating in it.

This class is a high level overview of the following: CONTINUE READING…..

  • Stages of labor
  • What are contractions?
  • Positions and comfort measures
  • Physical hands on techniques
  • Meditative hypnosis
  • Hospital options such as epidurals, cesareans and disarming the fear around them
  • Immediate postpartum recovery
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