Spinning Babies ® Certified Parent Education Class


The Spinning Babies ® Parent Class is a supplement to all childbirth classes. Spinning Babies® has served families all over the world since 2002.  You will learn hands-on techniques to make room for baby and balance the body. These techniques are ideal to start during pregnancy and in labor as well.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class with a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator

  • Comfort now and ease in birth
  • Essential daily activities
  • Balance tight birth muscles to let baby into position now
  • Learn birth positions to open the pelvis
  • Bring a birth partner and learn to do this together

Babies “spin” to move through the pelvis

Ruth Bailey, the educator, noticed several difficult labor patterns that were resolved with helping baby rotate into a position that aligned with the mother’s pelvis. Discovery: Labor is more than dilating to 10cm! Your baby will navigate through the pelvis with rotation and descent. This process can be helped by using positions that aid the work baby is doing for where baby is at.

Learn techniques to help muscles in your pelvis support an easier birth. During labor, the baby turns through three levels of the pelvis. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor and allows birth to be more comfortable.

Knowing what positions to use and, more importantly, when to use them adds more ease and uses less time in labor. This knowledge creates more comfort and shorter labor for the birthing mother.

To start, Spinning Babies® Parent Class teaches families how to identify baby’s position.

Next, you’ll learn how far into the pelvis baby is.

Lastly, how parents can support baby’s journey with more ease.

This class is for expectant parents only. Parents become more comfortable as they wait for labor and more confident in birth.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class is a 3 hour class covering:

  • Birth Anatomy Making Room for Baby
  • Alleviate Discomfort and stalls in pregnancy and birth
  • Review of Daily Essentials and Daily Activities for an easier birth
  • Helping a Baby Engage Before Active Labor
  • Body Balancing with The Three Sisters of BalanceSM
  • Identifying and Resolving a Posterior Baby

Each couple will receive online access to numerous materials, Spinning Babies® Week-by-Week Calendar, and a discount on any in-labor consultations.



Group Classes: $150/couple (limit 4 couples per class)

Private Classes: $200/couple

Online-Guided + Consult $150

One-on-One Evaluation in Labor $150

In-Home Classes: $50 commute cost



“We were offered this class directly by Ruth who is our birth doula. We have watched videos about these techniques before, but having a class with an instructor was very helpful in getting all these positions and movements right. I was suffering with a lot of lower back and right side pain and doing the inversion, side lying release and rebozo exercises daily with my husband brings me a lot of relief. It’s also a great way to bond with my husband and make him feel involved in the pregnancy at this stage. The class also helped us understand the relationship between my posture and the baby’s positioning, as well as the path of the baby throughout the process of birth a lot better. We will definitely recommend taking a Spinning Babies Parent Class to other parents.”

“Ruth was very helpful and knowledgeable. She had a confident answer for all of my questions & clarified everything that I requested. I feel confident we will have a smoother birth due to this information.”

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