Birth Doula

Birth is very unknown, but not alone. For in-hospital and out-of-hospital birthing families.   Research has shown that having Birth [...]

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Night Nanny / Overnight Care

More than Just a Night of Sleep The Need for Sleep and Recovery Newborn to 5 months Sleep is the [...]

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Potty Training

Have fun with your kiddo! Don't fear it! Our Potty Training Process: First: Fill out our Potty Training online intake [...]

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“Shannon and Rebekah were knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate and made the first few weeks of my daughter’s life at home with us so much easier. They gave my husband and me and much needed advice and the ability to sleep! I was also grateful for the help with laundry and cleaning bottles and they went above and beyond to make that first period of time with our new baby as easy as possible. We are grateful for the time we had with them and highly recommend their services!”

“I spoke to you [Ruth] Thursday night about my son Riv. Thank you SO SO much for the videos and information! Thursday night I did the swaddle from the video and used the wrap and the hospital hat trick and he slept from 12-3 then nursed and went straight back to sleep until 6. This was magic bc he has been waking up for the day at 3am!! Friday was even better and he slept in the swaddle/wrap/hat combo from 12-6:20am!!!! I was shocked!! Last night he got woke up from his siblings late so it took me a while to get him settled back down. He slept in the swaddle/wrap/hat combo from 1:30-7am! I didn’t even think he could do it! WOW! You are a life saver!! Again thank you SO SO much!!!”

“I’m so grateful for the information that Brandi gave me and my family!  Not only did her guidance help my son, but her knowledge of how to react to our child who didn’t want to get potty trained was priceless.  When working with her you can expect tips for best practices using an easy-to-implement strategy… which will make any parent feel like a hero!”

“Nursing my newborn daughter is now a completely different experience. Most all of my feedings are pain free. I even nursed in public today. I feel so much better and empowered with my own child. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Kristine is a miracle worker lactation consultant!”


“Receiving a gift certificate to use any of the services provided by the experts at Your Village Consulting has been a blessing.  I chose to seek help with potty training because I felt overwhelmed with this task and my four year old wanted nothing to do with the potty.  I worked closely with Brandi and she developed a plan for my daughter, Addison.


Addison was using the potty successfully within two days and within five days we were back to our rigorous routine of dance classes, mother’s day out, and various outings without fail.  Brandi made it easy with a step by step plan, giving Addison and I confidence where we needed it.  Our potty plan brought Addison and I closer together by tackling such an exciting achievement.


We can’t thank Brandi and Your Village Consulting enough for their help on achieving what I thought was such a daunting task.  Not only that, but we started training Addison’s younger sister at the same time, and she is doing wonderfully, too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

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