You really do not understand the saying “It takes a village….” until you have kids—or at least I did not. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I only imagined picture-perfect moments of picnics at the park, first steps in our home, and peaceful sleep at night with all three of us cozy and warm. Boy did my bubble burst immediately: spit up, crying, vomit, and poop was more like it. And whenever we tried to take my son out in public, you can add screaming to the list.

Quickly I began looking around for my village. My immediate family lives halfway across the country. Where was everyone? Did I have to ask (yell) for help? Asking for help is not one of my strengths, but I soon overcame that once sleep and sanity became non-existent. Friends, caregivers, and childcare professionals all supported me during that hazy first year. When nursing my son hurt more than giving birth to him because of cracked, bleeding nipples, I sought advice from a lactation consultant. When my 9 month old sweetie decided to stop napping, I brought in a sleep consultant who solved my issue in two hours! And when mama needed an adult conversation and a glass of wine to maintain her sanity, I contacted a sitter on my long list of babysitters.

Fast forward three kids and three and a half years later—it dawned on me how I would not have survived if it was not for the support and guidance of those trusted friends, caregivers, and professionals whose help I sought. If only there was one place….one village, where I could turn to no matter what the challenge with my children was. Why isn’t there one place that will support mamas and their families, no matter what their philosophy or goal is when it comes to child-rearing? Well, now there is. We have assembled the best of the best.

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