"Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.” – Mesut Barazany.

Helop me SLEEP! Sleep Consulting becomes more precious than gold in the life of the parent. Without sleep, even simple day to day things become impossible and not only does your body suffer, but your relationships do too. 

Whether you 6 month old refuses to nap, your 18 month old wakes up multiple times throughout the night, your 3 year old is climbing in your bed in the middle of the night, we can help you!

Every family has different needs and philosophies. After a comprehensive review of your situation and challenges, our expert sleep consultant works with you to implement your customized sleep plan. Consultations can be conducted in person or by virtual support via computer/phone.  


Most of the time, sleep is an easy fix. First, an evaluation of day napping and night sleep is taken. Then, we look at calories and intake. For toddler, we examine what diet your child is on, newborns, we look at feeding schedules and methods. Many times, zero in-home support is needed for a restful night of zzzzzz’s for the whole family. On occasion, our sleep expert (who is also a child development specialist) is asked to come in home and take a few days to shift sleep rhythms for your baby/toddler. Usually, this takes 3-5 days, and on rare occasion may be longer. We do expect some amount of protesting of your baby/toddler, but we will not let your baby cry-it-out solo alone. Our method is much more about getting in tune with your baby’s needs, and supporting them to sleep themselves. Babies and Toddler can sleep, they sometimes just need a few tools and support. 


Sleep Training (5 months and older)

  • Done via Video call or In-Home (additional $75) consultation when desired
  • Education starting at 4-5 month old and beyond on setting up good habits
  • Education for baby and family sleep 
  • Answer common questions in regards to baby and toddler sleep
  • Provide suggestions for daytime and nighttime routine to set up for sleep success
  • 24/7 text/email support for a two weeks 

$175/1-1.5 hrs Consultation (-$25 for virtual)



Customized Sleep Plan
  • Everything stated above
  • Assessing the difference between frustrated protesting and stressful crying
  • Establish healthy sleep routines and habits 
  • Customized sleep plan for weaning your baby off waking at night
  • Day plan to support night sleep
  • Feeding plan unique to your baby to instill day sleep and night sleep
  • 24/7 phone/text/email support for a 2 weeks 


*$75/30+min phone consult to collaborate with other care providers such as nannies, night nannies, doulas, etc.


In-Home Implementation
  • Everything stated above for Customized Sleep Plan
  • Following a Customized Sleep plan Consult
  • Support and education for family in following sleep plan
  • Help your baby find soothing techniques other than solely crying-it-out
  • Mom and Dad get optimal much needed rest
  • Extensive night notes for parents to implement customized plans for sleep health
  • Sleep conditioning usually take 4 nights, rarely up to 7
  • Hours are based on baby’s needs, usually late evening to early morning



We also offer relief for tired parents who want a couple of nights of restful, restorative sleep. See Night Nanny / Overnight Care for more info


*additional charges may apply for multiples, etc; clients must sign contract for final price approval

night nanny sleep consulting

Sleep Consultants

postpartum doula

Majbritt Rayas

Sleep Trainer

Majbritt Rayas also has a degree in Child Development and love to help parents transition from sleepless night to peaceful dreams. Parents need sleep, and so do babies! As an experienced doula, she understands the delicacy of meeting a baby’s needs in order to get good sleep.  Often times, sleep training can be stressful for parents. Good news! Sleep training is not always ‘crying it out’

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