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Virtual or In Office Parenting Help!

Stuck with the same tantrums, blow ups, melt downs and frustrations? Need Parenting help?

You’re NOT alone.
And there IS parenting help!

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and most challenging journeys you will ever experience. One that comes with no instructions, no blueprint, and often no support. We offer parent coaching as a way to help you feel supported and well equipped for the marathon that is parenthood. Parent coaching is a tailored approach to helping parents and children strive in relationship with each other.

parenting help

Parent Coaching can address the following concerns:

  • Childhood development and how parenting strategies can be applied to each stage
  • Toddler tantrums (dis-regulation)
  • Improving the parent child connection
  • Improving communication between parents and teens
  • Supporting parents and children through tough transitions such as divorce or grief
  • Managing difficult household dynamics such as adding new family members through birth or marriage.
  • Helping families to cope and thrive when a loved one has a mental illness
  • Aid to families to cope and thrive when a family member has sensory processing disorder or is on the Spectrum.
  • Helping families to have fun and enjoy each other’s company again

Parent coaching is not a substitute for therapy, when our specialist sees a family in need of therapeutic intervention she will inform the family and provide appropriate resources

Parent coaching:
90 min -$200
60 min -$140
30 min – $75


Plan for Parenting Help!

This is a personalized parenting service in which we will observe a family and child in their home setting and then work with the information gathered from both the parent(s)/caregivers and the observations to create a tailored parenting intervention plan for the family to implement. We then will check in with the family at a two week mark and assess what strategies are most helpful and what areas of family life and the parenting plan still need more care. Adjustments are then made to the parenting plan and the family will have three follow up 20 min. coaching calls in the month following the final adjustment to the parenting plan for additional parenting support. Our goal has always been to empower families and parents to live the most connected and loving lives possible and this is a very direct way to help families achieve their goals.

This is a 2 month process from intake and observation to the last coaching call.

(covid-19 notice: observations can be done remotely through zoom)

Personalized Parenting Plan:  $1,500.00*

*Plans include two month long committed support from start to completion.


Therapeutic Parenting Class:

We also offer a variety of parenting presentations. Classes options are lecture or interactive class format to individuals and groups. (call for topic inquiries and/or classes tailored to your groups’ needs). These lectures/classes are 2-3 hours in length and run between $250-$400 depending on length and class size. These teachings are appropriate for parents, medical personal, early childhood educators, nanny/babysitting staff, and schools.

$110/hour class**

**group classes have a discount based on number of family

Parenting Coach

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