Research shows that food tastes and preferences can be established as early as the first year of life! Our goal is to help you expose your children to healthy, fresh, nutritious food as often as possible.

We can help you:

  • boost nutrition in picky eaters
  • detect hidden food allergies
  • shift to baby-led weaning when age appropriate
  • learn how to make homemade baby food
  • transition your baby to finger foods
  • family meal planning
  • devise food and nutrition plans for special needs children
  • and much, much more!

Single visit consultations include 1 hour consultation + written goals + unlimited email support for 2 weeks- $85

Group package of 6 visits- $450

“Q&A Support”- Great for those who have specific nutrition questions/needs and don’t need a comprehensive analysis: includes 2 weeks of unlimited email support- $50

Option to purchase additional weeks.

Don’t see any packages that would work for you and/or your family’s needs? That’s okay! Call or e-mail us at 512-542-3354 and to find out how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific needs, or let us know that you found the perfect plan!

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