Postpartum Doula (Day and Night Support) and

Sleep Trainer


Postpartum Doula

Majbritt Rayas has been a birth and postpartum doula for 15 years. She loves helping pregnant and postpartum moms transition into motherhood by empowering them to listen to their bodies and babies.

Her foundation of care is gaining understanding on what each parent and baby needs. Parents need to feel fulfilled and confident as a mom and dad.  She supports each parent as they walk through their unique process of navigating all the decisions of parenting. Majbritt is a wealth of knowledge from her history as a birth doula, caring for multiples, NICU babies, babies with high needs and allergies, etc.

Parenting can be a struggle when it comes to understanding what your baby needs. Majbritt is an expert at identifying struggles a baby has then quickly ascertaining solutions.  With her help, a parent quickly grows in their confidence to meet those needs in a sustainable way. She handles the delicate balance of meeting an anxious new parent’s concerns with normalizing baby behavior. She loves to see parents step into parenthood and take the reigns as they become secure in their own decision making..

Sleep Training

Majbritt Rayas also has a degree in Child Development and love to help parents transition from sleepless night to peaceful dreams. Parents need sleep, and so do babies! As an experienced doula, she understands the delicacy of meeting a baby’s needs in order to get good sleep.  Often times, sleep training can be stressful for parents. Good news! Sleep training is not always ‘crying it out’. First, she gives a extensive look at what a day pattern looks like for rest, feeding and activity. Next, she helps a parent understand why their baby wakes at night. She has a developmental understanding of when a baby is waking for food, comfort or discomfort, or, most often, waking out of frustration of needing help getting back to sleep. Once it is identified that a baby is waking out needing help to get back to sleep, Majbritt delights in giving babies tools they need to sleep better without stress.

Everyone gets more peaceful nights and parents and babies are rested and happy alike!

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