Lisa Tate, Lactation Consultant, IBCLC and Speech Pathologist


Lisa is a Lactation Consultant and Speech Pathologist. She has been assisting Austin families with oral feeding and swallowing challenges for more than two decades.  After many years serving families as a Speech-Language Pathologist as well, Lisa obtained her Board Certification in Lactation to expand her ability to help families and children achieve feeding success.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Speech therapy helps when a baby isn’t transferring enough milk with each feed, which can be seen with either bottle or breastfeeding. For example,  babies could benefit from suck therapy in order to feed well. Because of her background in Speech Therapy, she will find a solution to such a case, where a typical LC might be limited.

The expertise combo of Lactation Consultant and Speech Pathology means that there are few situations Lisa can’t help address. Lisa offers solutions for families of varying sorts. Her dual scope of practice creates a wide range of alternative feeding methods for unique cases. Because the needs of each family are unique, she caters to each individual on a case by case basis.  Above all, every family has felt loved and cared for by her.

Home Visits for Lactation Consulting in Austin

Lisa Tate is happy to offer home visits for families throughout the Austin area. She is flexible with evening time visits, as well as the occasional weekend visits. She also works with your team of doulas and others to get a full picture of what care you need. You can reach Lisa by text or email throughout your 2 week follow up. However, she is happy to chat via Zoom, or over the phone should questions arise.

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