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Lisa Kestler is a certified encapsulator through The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts is the leader in Placenta Encapsulation training and holds a very high standard of practice and ethics. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy. While working in the hospital setting she focused on adult and neonatal intensive care and labor and delivery.


Having experienced some postpartum depression after the births of her first four children, Lisa was inspired to research if there was a natural approach to helping a new mother through this difficult transition after having a baby, and also began studies to become a midwife. Two years into training she went on a midwife mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she ended up meeting a midwife from Canada who talked about encapsulating placentas to help with postpartum depression.


In 2010 her and her husband had their third child, and Lisa decided to put her midwife training on hold; however, having been very passionate about helping women in pregnancy and birth she still wanted to be able to be involved in birth work, which led her back to placenta encapsulation.


She processed her first placenta in August of 2011 and since that time has encapsulated more than 950 placentas. After the birth of her fifth child she encapsulated her own placenta to try and help with the postpartum depression she had experienced before, which worked! She had so much energy, her milk came in faster and overall felt she recovered quicker than before. After the birth of her next child she did the same with the same fantastic postpartrum results.



As a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Lisa strictly follows all OSHA and EPA guidelines while she prepares your placenta. She is also required to carry a Texas Food Handlers Card and follow the same guidelines that are used in food service. She has training in Blood Borne Pathogens. Please visit here to learn more about guidelines.
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