Birth and Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula

Katherine Creamer is the middle child of 3 girls. Her parents instilled a drive and a passion to research and advocate for what she felt was right in all areas of life, but especially when faced with medical decisions. Her mother passed down a sense of empowerment that has carried her in life and it is this empowerment that she hopes to encourage women. Specifically, finding their course of their unique pregnancy and labor experiences.

She married her husband in 2009 and welcomed their first daughter at Austin Area Birthing Center two years later. She researched the type of birth she wanted and invited a wonderful group of midwives and a very sweet doula to join them in their journey to achieve that birth. Katherine recalls that it was such a beautiful experience! Their second daughter joined our family a few years later in 2014 while they were expatriates in the Middle East.

Shortly thereafter, she realized her passion to help women in their own journeys towards motherhood. They moved back stateside, Katherine became certified through both Tiny Love Doula and Stillbirthday, and started working as a birth doula. Her goal is to help the families she works with to actualize their dream birth experiences.


Birth Your Way Childbirth Education

Katherine also teaches our Birth Your Way class. This class is a Saturday 4 hr group class taught at Central Texas Birth Center.

This class is a high level overview of the following:

  • Stages of labor
  • What are contractions?
  • Positions and comfort measures
  • Physical hands on techniques
  • Meditative hypnosis
  • Hospital options such as epidurals, cesareans and disarming the fear around them
  • Immediate postpartum recovery

To register, visit our fill out a New Client form here  and select Childbirth Education.

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