Sleep Training

Jessica Bryant, specialist in sleep training, is a pediatric sleep coach, confidence builder, and child development enthusiast. Her purpose is to build confidence in sleep-deprived parents and equip them with tools for success. In other words, to create confident healthy sleepers for life!

Parents today are bombarded with so many different messages and opinions on sleep routines. However, it doesn’t have to be distressing tears and fights to get sleep every night.

Jessica consolidates all of the information, given through the intake and a sleep phone consult. Then, she helps parents focus on their child’s individual needs, usually unique for each child.  Next, she equips them with a tailored plan and real-time support in order to help them reach their sleep goals, fast. In regards to peace of mind, Jessica walks families through the process step by step. She also offers to collaborate with other nanies, doulas, and care people for continuity of care. Families not only get the success of healthy sleep for their babies, but themselves, also.

Whether your little one is 5 month or 5 years, Jessica has the answers! In other words, tools and solutions to get the whole household peace and rest through the night and day. She helps create a predictable nap schedule and a practical night time routine.

Jessica is also a member of the Associate of Professional Sleep Consultants and has a degree in child development.

Aside from working as a sleep coach, Jessica lives in Keller with her husband Alan, and three children (including twins).  When she isn’t keeping up with the activities of three busy teenagers, she can be found reheating her coffee a million times a day or curling up with a good book.


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