Jenna Schmoekel, Birth Doula

Jenna has been serving as a birth doula since 2018 and is certified through DONA International.

After the birth of her fourth baby in 2017, she and her husband knew their family was complete, but she continued to feel called back into the “birth world.” After having empowering, supported birth experiences herself, she kept hearing from friends that their experience had been the opposite. They didn’t feel heard or respected in their birth space or they didn’t feel like they had options. Jenna wanted to see these women not just surviving their birth experience and “at least” getting a healthy baby at the end, but thriving through educated, supported care!

She is passionate about helping mamas feel seen and supported in one of their most vulnerable times. A home birth mama herself, she has a special passion for out of hospital birth and for mamas who want to see their next birth look different than the last.

It is her biggest joy to walk with families through their birth and postpartum period and help them find their new rhythm and thrive – even if their birth goes differently than planned, even if there are road blocks along the way, and even when they are sleeping less and maybe even covered in spit up.




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