Bradley Method Childbirth Education

Bradley Classes with Hannah Neas is perfect for families wanting to all the info available for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Hannah is a certified Bradley Method (r) childbirth educator in Austin with over a decade of experience. For instance, she prepares couples for childbirth and transition to parenthood with education and practical tips in a 12 week class.

Hannah is passionate in empowering parents through advocacy. She encourages listening to their intuition along with good old-fashioned education and practice. As always, caring guidance and preparation make huge life change less intimidating and more joyful!

Bradley Classes

First, Hannah will focus on building communication to help ensure solid support. Then, she teaches relaxation skills to facilitate less pain in labor. For instance, in group classes a parent will build a supportive community for their journey. Parents also will practice methods to aid a mother to relax during birth.

Next, parents receive comprehensive education including pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Hannah answers questions during and after classes for all families. This ensures each family is fully cared for from their team.

After the birth, if a family has struggles in breastfeeding or recovery, a parent can  reach out for additional support when needed.


In addition to certification, Hannah is a mother of 4 with experience in all birthing atmospheres. Including hospital birth, birth center, homebirth, she even has an unexpected car birth under her belt. She loves presenting new parents with a variety of options, tools, and resources. Therefore, after fully understanding options, parents confidently enter their new life phase.



Bradley Group Classes – $400

Refresher Classes – $295

Private Classes – $200 Add On

One-On-One Consult – $95

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