Want to unlock your child’s developmental potential? Want to feel more comfortable engaging in your child’s play? Would a more full understanding of developmental stages & milestones reduce parent/child stress? Our Early Childhood Development specialist utilizes current research, evidence-based practices and pure fun to enrich your child’s development. We can help you use the 5 senses to build brain power, introduce baby sign to encourage expressive and receptive language, expand learning from your child’s favorite books and much, MUCH more. Let our early child development specialist plan language, cognition, and social/emotional strategies around your family’s routines & your child’s most important work: play!

“Customized Written Action Plan” includes  written action plan  + unlimited email support for 1 month + 2 phone calls (if desired)- $175

“Implement My Action Plan- Basic ” includes two, 1 hour in-home consultations + written action plan + unlimited email for 1 month- $275

“Implement My Action Plan- Premium” includes two, 2 hour in-home consultations + written action plan + unlimited email for 1 month- $365

Additional in-home time billed at $50/hour

“Q&A Support” Great for parents who need help redirecting minor behavior issues: includes 2 weeks unlimited email/phone support- $75

Option to purchase additional weeks.

Don’t see any packages that would work for you and/or your family’s needs? That’s okay! Call or e-mail us at 512-542-3354 and info@cheerupbuttercups.com to find out how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific needs, or let us know that you found the perfect plan!



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