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By: Dawn Herman

It’s a typical morning in Austin, TX. I’m running errands with my daughter in the backseat. Over the toddler tunes I hear “Mama, we won’t need our umbrellas today. Those clouds are too bright and fluffy to make rain…” Does my 3-year-old stay up to catch the 10 o’clock weather, you ask? Of course not. She recently spent a month with the weather themed Brainy Bin and she’s still finding ways to use all that she learned.

The bin came delivered to my door one morning by Amanda Manti, co-owner of Brainy Bins. Amanda sat and went through the bin to make sure I was ready to take full advantage of its contents. And believe me–she and her business partner, Sarah Roberson, have put these bins together chock full of age-appropriate toys, books and guided activities based around a particular theme. You could find a box waiting at your door about pets, pirates, sensory exploration or one of many kid friendly themes. Each bin is accompanied by a “guide book” that gives parents open-ended and thoughtful questions to make the most of each activity. Amanda and Sarah have done a great job making parents feel like competent teachers to their young children.

This bin provided my daughter with new toys, books and science experiments to explore independently or alongside me or her dad. After the bin had been with us for about 2 weeks I noticed that Holly, my daughter, was using the toys and games in new, creative ways. She was pretending to hang the scarves on the line to dry instead of just dancing with them. She was teaching her stuffed animals how to play the games in the bin, and even took some of the unique stacking toys in the tub with her one night. If you’re wondering if you can manage all the toys, books and games without losing a piece, let me tell you, we used it as an opportunity to work on cleaning up after each activity. (And there’s an inventory list to check at the end of your month with the bin).

Brainy Bins is a wonderful tool for parents in a time where we are fighting to overcome the ever-present pull between technology and our children’s attention. With the Brainy Bins subscription you get a new and exciting box full of fun learning activities delivered right to your door–and they pick it up for you, too! Brainy Bins will empower parents as they rise to the challenge of being their child’s first and most valuable teacher. Give them a try and see for yourself!

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