Health &; Nutrition Things You REALLY Need to Know About Breastfeeding!

Health & NutritionWhat’s the scoop on wearing underwire bras while breastfeeding? Is frozen milk good for 24 hrs from the time it comes out of the freezer or from the it is actually thawed? How do you prevent clogged ducts when weaning? How do you prevent recurrent yeast/mastitis? All of these questions and more, answered by Kristine Kovach, one of Austin’s best Lactation Consultants!


Healthy Recipes Power Balls Recipe

Healthy Recipes This recipe is a staple in our household. My kids, ages 3 and 5, love helping me make them. I like to stash a batch in the freezer for future lunchboxes and snacks-on-the go. The oatmeal is packed with fiber and the protein in the nut butter will keep your kids satiated for a long, long time.


Kid Crafts & Activities Apple Stamps

Kid Crafts & ActivitiesThe general rule we tell kids is: don’t play with your food… but sometimes it’s so much fun! With Autumn falling upon us, I decided to do this fun, hands-on activity with the kids. It’s very simple and the kids loved it because they were able to manipulate apples in ways they hadn’t before.

Parenting Our Screen Time Reality Check

ParentingMy house has been radically transformed over the past couple of months. Since I am one of the owners of Cheer Up Buttercups, people naively assume I am a child development expert. I hired these experts, but I am far from one myself. My expertise is nutrition. Ask me a nutrition question and I can give you an answer. My only experience with kids is the three bundles of joy I have at home–definitely good experience, but far from a large sample pool, and I do things as a mama that I never thought I would do. My mantra the past five years has been one of survival, and you can often hear me repeating the phrase to myself and my friends “I’m doing the best I can”.



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