the best homemade ketchup

The Best Ketchup You Will Ever Have


I am a big ketchup fan, and this homemade ketchup recipe is HANDS DOWN the best ketchup I have ever tasted. From what I found at the grocery store, every ketchup contained sugar or corn syrup. I love that this recipe contains NO SUGAR! And trust me, the amount that you make will not go to waste! I have used it as the base for my sloppy joe’s sauce, on top of potatoes, broccoli, sausage, hamburgers etc. You will eat it on everything, and because of that, I’m never buying ketchup again!


You can head on over to Jay’s Baking Me Crazy for The BEST Homemade Ketchup recipe. Be sure to look through her other recipes too, because she has some amazing ones!



My Ketchup Recipe Changes:

  • I have made two batches of this ketchup so far (and today I am on day 11 of Whole30 haha). The first batch I made with fire roasted tomatoes, and the second batch with regular diced tomatoes. I actually preferred the ketchup with the fire roasted tomatoes in it. It had a deeper, richer flavor, so next time I make it I will use the fire roasted again.


  • Since I did use fire roasted tomatoes, even after I blended the mixture it left little black specks in it. If your kiddo freaks out if they see black things in their food then maybe make the recipe with the regular diced tomatoes.


  • I used apple cider vinegar each time I have made this because I already had it one hand, and it came out great. Surely the coconut vinegar would be fine too, I have just never tried it before.


  • The first time I made this I tried using the immersion blender with the tomato mixture in the pan, which is a no no. Haha. It splattered EVERYWHERE! The next time I poured the tomato mixture into a mixing bowl and that worked out much better. The only problem was that I had used a white mixing bowl which stained the bottom of it reddish-pink! Next time I will use one of my metal bowls.
Brandi Brucks

Brandi Brucks

Brandi graduated from Simmons College in Boston, MA with a BA in English and a minor in Early Childhood Education, as well as a MA in Elementary Education. She specializes in potty training children as young as 21 months up to 4 years old, and has had amazing success using her intensive potty training method.

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