Frustrated by your toddler’s public or private tantrums? Have the terrible 2’s or 3’s hijacked your family’s harmony? Many times parents are unsure of how to alter challenging or undesired behaviors. Behavior Redirection, also referred to as behavior modification,  uses a child’s natural interests (cars, food, movies, storybook characters, movement, games, etc) along with a system of natural consequences, obtainable goals, and rewards to encourage success. Behavior Redirection naturally increases the child’s happiness and feelings of success. Children thrive when given the opportunity to succeed.

Our goal in Behavior Redirection is to increase compliance, motivation to listen, self-motivation, and build confidence while enjoying the process. When a child feels successful, they are more likely to enjoy the process and progress quicker.

Our Behavior Redirection packages:

Customized Written Action Planincludes: written action plan  + unlimited email support for 1 month + 1 pre-plan phone call- $225 (+ cost of materials if needed)

Implement My Action Planincludes: two, 1 hour in-home consultations + written action plan + unlimited email for 1 month- $300 (+ cost of materials if needed)

“Q&A Support” Great for parents who need help redirecting minor behavior issues: includes 2 weeks unlimited email/phone support- $75

Option to purchase additional weeks.

Don’t see any packages that would work for you and/or your family’s needs? That’s okay! Call or e-mail us at 512-542-3354 and to find out how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific needs, or let us know that you found the perfect plan!

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